Supercharge your studies with Link for MB

Easily export data from ManageBac to your preferred productivity app and access your coursework and homework all in one place.

Now available for Firefox


What you get with Link for MB

MB + Notion Integration

A seamless integration between MB and Notion.


Use the built-in assignment calendar template or configure the extension to work for you


Link for MB sends assignment data directly to the 3rd party app, with no data collection or telemetry


Link for MB is 100% free with no subscription or ads


Transfer tasks from ManageBac with just two clicks


Link for MB is a light browser extension that sits in the toolbar

Get Started

How to use Link for MB

Step 1: Download

Download the browser extension in your desktop browser.

Step 2: Set up

Open the options page of the add-on, select your preferred 3rd party app, sign in and configure the settings with the relevant information

Step 3: Transfer a task

Open up an MB task and click the Link for MB icon in your browser toolbar


Steps image


Supported apps

Productivity apps supported by Link for MB


The default service for Link for MB - benefit from the powerful task tracking, notifications and more from Notion without wasting time transferring tasks.

Google Calendar

Add task details and deadlines to Google Calendar with one click.

Google Sheets

Add tasks to Google Sheets with one click.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which browsers are supported by Link for MB?

Currently, Chrome and Firefox desktop are the only browsers supported.

Does this extension work with all types of tasks in MB?

The extension currently supports the export of assignments, homework and assessments. However, other types of tasks, such as events, are not supported.

Do I need a paid Notion subscription to use this execution?

This extension works with both the free and paid version of Notion. No subscription is needed.

Can I customise how tasks are exported?

Yes, you can customise the export settings to include different task fields, such as due dates and descriptions. You can also choose the format and layout of the exported tasks in Notion. It is not necessary to use the provided Notion template.

How much does the Link for MB extension cost?

The extension is available for free, with no premium features or pricing.

Is the extension secure?

Yes, the extension takes security very seriously. Any API access tokens used by the app are stored only on your device, and API requests are made directly from your browser without passing through any other servers. No information is shared by the add-on with us or any third party besides your chosen task managing application.





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